filter clean

Quantum Biochemical® Filter Clean

Filter Clean features color change technology that shows when it’s working! This all-purpose granular has active acids and detergents for removing mineral deposits and oil build-up from cartridge, D.E., and sand filters. 

Useful Tips:

  • Use routinely during the season to maintain filter efficiency
  • Dissolve into water to make solution prior to using

Available Size: 2 lbs.

quantum rms

Quantum Biochemical® RMS

RMS is used for the removal of existing metal stains from pool walls, floors and ladders. RMS dissolves metal stains and holds them in solution. 

Useful Tips:

  • Lightly brush stains during treatment
  • Maintain sanitizer level 1-3 ppm and pH to 7.2 - 7.8 during treatment
  • DO NOT superchlorinate for 3-days after using this product

Available Size: 32 fl. oz.